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Your Pets and Residential Duct Cleaning

12/18/2016 Back To Blog

About Pets and Air Quality

A pet that you take in becomes a loved part of the family. Most of the time, you will want your pet to stay indoors both for their safety and your peace of mind. Besides, it's typical for pet lovers to not want to be away from their pets too long. The problem with this set up is that your indoor air quality will suffer. While your HVAC system may do its job and filter the air, there will always be a point when the dander collected on filters and inside the vents themselves will be too much. It will only circulate inside the home thus befouling the air quality. If you're already at this point, then your home is due for some air duct cleaning by professionals. Home air duct cleaning can be done every couple of years but if you have a lot of pets, this interval may be a little bit shorter to maintain a constantly good indoor air quality.Your Pets and Residential Duct Cleaning

Being Pet Smart

Pets, much like humans, shed their skin. The tiny skin flakes that they lose are called dander. It's the cause of many animal-related allergies that produce symptoms like watery eyes, uncontrollable sneezing, itchy throat, nose and skin. Even if you don't have allergies, if your indoor air is contaminated, you may experience some mild irritation. Pets are awesome and they should be well taken care for but they also entail responsibilities like the scheduling of frequent air duct maintenance and air filter cleaning to keep the air immaculate.

Air Quality Improvements

Improvements in air quality can be felt right after filters are cleaned or replaced or when the entire vent system is thoroughly cleaned. This improvement will however be short-lived if there are breaks in the integrity of the vents. When seals or sides of the vents are broken, air duct repair services must be initiated to maximize the time the ducts will remain clean.

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