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Here are common questions and answers about air duct cleaning. Ask anything on this FAQ page. Read about fiberglass ducts and their advantages, the benefits of keeping them clean and also about the importance of dryer vent cleaning.

What are the advantages of fiberglass air ducts?

Fiberglass air ducts are comparable to polyurethane boards that can be easily cut and installed. They are resistant to corrosion, moisture or condensation damage, and are less likely to transmit the noises of heating or cooling systems. Experts at Air Duct Cleaning Westlake Village, however, advise those who use fiberglass ducts to be careful not to let molds and mildews contaminate them since they may have to be replaced if the mold infestation is already severe.

I am planning to have air duct replacement; should I get pre-insulated ducts?

Most pre-insulated ducts are generally created using mild galvanized steel and are insulated with phenol or polymers that contain the urethane radical. They are compliant with the Underwriter Laboratory's standard UL 181. These ducts, however, are sided or edged (not rounded). They are typically big and intended to match the air conditioning and heating systems used in buildings. If you can find smaller types for home use, get them. Otherwise, use traditional sheet metal or plastic.

What can a regular cleaning of air ducts do to my HVAC system?

Air duct cleaning should be done regularly to avoid the fast and hazardous accumulation of lint and dust. Accumulation of dust and dirt can slow down the efficiency of your HVAC system. It can also put your health at high risk because the air that is circulating inside your house is no longer clean and safe.

Why is dryer vent cleaning vital?

When you are cleaning a dryer vent in the laundry room, you can be sure that the dryer will work without hazards and efficiently, say the experts of Air Duct Cleaning Westlake Village. Restaurant dryer vent cleaning is important because it will allow the steam to exit the kitchen and not penetrate the main dining area.

What are the negative effects of smoking indoors?

Smoking indoors doubles the health hazards smoking initially poses. Because contaminants and particles are trapped indoors, they continue to circulate through the air ducts. The dirt tends to cling on the walls of the ducts and eventually it finds its way back to your system.

What is the best time of the year cleaning the air ducts?

The end of the spring or the beginning of summer, when the pollen production is over, is a good time for this. Alternatively, the HVAC ducts can be cleaned in the fall before the cold weather starts to ensure that the system will be more energy-efficient during the winter months.

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