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Is Dryer Vent Cleaning Really Necessary

12/16/2013 Back To Blog

You may have noticed your dryer is taking longer to perform efficiently, or you may have heard of an air duct cleaning service offering dryer vents cleaning, either way you are wondering if cleaning a dryer vent is really all that necessary.Dryer Vent Cleaning 24/7 Services


Dryer vent cleaning Westlake Village advises that every homeowner should regularly inspect and clean their dryer vent. Blockages caused by lint and other fibers building up in the vent can actually be a great fire hazard. The blockage restricts the air flow, which then causes excessive heat that can ignite the lint. It is estimated that thousands of domestic fires each year are caused by poor installation or maintenance of dryers.


Neglecting your vents could actually cost you a great deal

Even if you are fortunate enough not to experience a fire, you will notice your energy bills increasing and there is a greater likelihood of a fault developing requiring some form of unit or dryer vent repair. Failing to conduct proper maintenance could also compromise the performance of the unit, forcing it to work harder and causing a total failure which would require the cost of a replacement unit.


Some models of clothes dryers have very accessible vents which are easy to clean. You should check the specific manufacturer instructions for cleaning advice and whether it is possible to do this yourself or whether you would require a specialist dryer duct cleaning service.


You can minimize the need for cleaning, by ensuring that you clean your lint screen after every cycle and checking for any obstructions on exterior vents which may prevent the air from being released. Lint covered screens, leaves or garden debris can block the vent and restrict air flow which will compromise the performance of the dryer. Be sure to check your vents regularly to ensure they remain free from obstruction.

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